scangoroo is a mobile self-scanning solution for retail that is revolutionizing the customer's shopping experience. With scangoroo, customers can shop and pay cashless..

No long waiting at the checkout counter, no annoying unpacking and repacking.
With scangoroo, the shopping experience becomes transparent, convenient and fast.
  1. scangoroo consists of a handle, a charging station, an app and a bag.
  2. The scangoroo handle incorporates a scanner and a scale, and thus allows to record products with barcodes and weigh unpackaged goods.
  3. The customer shops and pays electronically directly with the scangoroo handle or via the app.
  4. The interactive display of the scangoroo handle allows full expense control.
  5. Special offers can be shown on the display and as an option personalised offers can be shown in the app.
  6. The scangoroo handle‘s scale checks the accuracy of the purchase and confirms that the products are correctly recorded for the customer.
How does
  1. Remove the handle from the charging station and hang your shopping bag on the handle.
  2. You can now start your shopping.
  1. Hold the barcode of your chosen product infront of the scanner of the handle and scan the product.
  2. The handle vibrates, you have successfully scanned your product.
  3. Place your product in the shopping bag.
  4. Now you can scan the next product.
  1. When you have finished shopping, hold your debit or credit card against the display on the handle.
  2. The payment process will start.
  3. The handle lights up green.
  4. You have successfully completed your shopping.
  1. Hang the handle back into the charging station.
  2. Thank you very much and goodbye!
technical features of
The technical features of scangoroo are a scale for weighing loose goods such as fruit and vegetables and for making the purchase plausible after each addition of a product. There are also two cameras on the outside of the handle that are used to capture barcode-labeled products. A long display which shows information about the scanned goods and which can be used to pay with a bank card with an NFC chip at the end of the purchase. LED light strips run along the edges, which shines GREEN at the end of shopping after successful payment and RED for products that have not been scanned or scanned incorrectly. A vibration of the handle signals that a product has been successfully scanned and placed in the bag.
About Us

In Germany, 12% of foodstuffs purchased end up in the garbage. That is an average of about 40 kg of fruits, vegetables, cereals or dairy products per inhabitant and year.

Why do we throw so much away?

Because we more than necessary. We do not buy quantities that we actually need, but we usually buy in advance, as we do not know exactly when we will have time and desire to visit the supermarket or drugstore next time. Apart from the issue of sustainability, above all one‘s own leisure time naturally plays an important role here. Who wants to waste „useless“ time when there are so many more important, meaningful or beautiful things to do than queuing up at a cash register.

In supermarkets or drugstores, queuing time at the cash register is often unpredictable, especially during peak hours it can quite lengthy. Also the unpacking and repacking of goods is time-consuming and exhausting. The result is that we buy less fresh, sustainable and unpackaged foodstuffs than we would prefer and waste a lot of valuable time with queuing, waiting and packing.

Jochen Leisenheimer
Arash Mousavi
technical produkt designer
Supporting Team
Robert Kratz
Technical and Commercial
Isa Karadag
IT, Homepage and App
Prof. Dr. Cläre von Neubeck
Technical and Commercial
David Runge
Barbara Michaelis
Jonas Kollewe
Dr. Walter Berger
Jochen Leisenheimer

Jochen Leisenheimer heads SCANGOROO's Founding Team and is its CEO-designate. Jochen has longstanding FMCG-experience. Up and until 2005, Jochen worked at Wella in Germany, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile and Argentina, most recently as President of Wella Argentina and as Regional Manager for Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Since 2005, Jochen has acted as advisor and interim manager to / of companies in Germany and abroad. Jochen holds an MIBS of the University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina and has successfully completed the International Marketing Programm at INSEAD in Fontainebleau as well as the Advanced Executive Program of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Arash Mousavi
Technischer Produktdesigner

Arash Mousavi schloss 2016 sein Ingenieurs Studium im Bereich Maschinenbau ab. Seit 2017 studiert er Produktdesign. Seine Projektarbeit zum Vordiplom resultierte in dem ursprünglichen scangoroo Griff.
Neben seines Studiums arbeitete er als Produktdesigner und -entwickler bei einem Hersteller für innovative Sportgeräte. Arash verantwortet bei scangoroo das zentrale Produktdesign und die technische Produktentwicklung.


Seit 2017 studiert Arash Produktdesign an der Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach. Zuvor hat er einen Bachelor of Engineering an der Azad Universität in Saveh, Iran erworben.